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Steve Player

Managing Partner

Steve founded The Player Group to help clients improve cost and productivity management. Additionally, The Player Group manages leading edge best practices research in to advanced ABM implementations and beyond budgeting applications. Steve serves as the founder and program director for the ABM Advanced Implementation Group and as Program Director for the Beyond Budgeting Round Table in North America. Key clients include the American Productivity & Quality Center, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Industrial Design and Construction.

Steve Player brings 20 years of experience as a former Partner with Arthur Andersen LLP (now Andersen) including leading functional and company-wide business process re-engineering efforts, development of activity-based management systems, design and implementation of Just-In-Time manufacturing techniques, performing white-collar productivity reviews, and completing organization analysis. He has also led numerous inventory control and reduction reviews, cash management programs, and distribution strategy analyses.

Steve has helped companies worldwide to evaluate not only what things cost, but also how they can change and improve those costs. Additionally, he assists Fortune 500 companies in improving current quality practices. Many of his engagements have focused on using cost information to grow revenues and profits. Steve has also worked with many emerging organizations including members of the INC 500 fastest growing companies. Steve has found ways to link many improvements techniques thereby leveraging their results. These include just-in-time cycle time reduction, and quality incentives such as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and ISO 9000 certification process.

Steve has authored or edited five books on the topic of activity-based management. These include:

  • Arthur Andersen's Lessons from the ABM Battlefield (Oakhill Press, 1995)
  • Winning the Profitability Battle: ABM in Wholesale Distribution (NAW, 1998)
  • Cornerstones of Decision Making: Profits in Enterprise ABM (Oakhill Press, 1999)
  • Arthur Andersen's Lessons from the ABM Battlefield, Second Edition (John Wiley & Sons, 1999)
  • Arthur Andersen's Global Lessons in ABM (John Wiley & Sons, 1999)

Steve has served as a monthly columnist on cost management for Controller Magazine. He also serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Cost Management as well as a resource for various publications including Investor's Business Daily, Financial World, Global Finance, The Dallas Morning News and Journal of Cost Management.

Steve frequently serves as a keynote speaker and chairperson for industry and management accounting conferences worldwide including events for META Group and DCI, AICPA, Global Business Research, World Research Group, Institute for International Research, Quality Forum, and CAM-I.